Spectacular day

Day 106,       20.5 miles

Sisters Wilderness             Willamette National Forest

Wow, wow, wow!  What a day.  Big Bang for miles.  So interesting.  My photos don’t capture how beautiful this section is.  The Sisters, Brokentop Mountain, lava fields, all up close.

I reached Hwy 242, Mackenzie Pass, to the town of Sisters, around 3 pm.  I need supplies.  I need a rest.  I walked a few 100 feet up the remote Hwy to find a tourist attraction, Dee Wright Observatory, a lookout made of lava rock.  There were cars, people, bicyclists.  This winding, summer only, road is a favorite for cyclists.   I was talking to some of them, with my thumb out when, just like magic,….a car pulled over….

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