Warm Showers

Day 107, 108

After hiking out to Hwy 242 yesterday afternoon I was ready for a shower and a good meal.  The heat and mosquitoes wore me down.  The first car to pull over was driven by my angels, Jim and Jill.  I hadn’t even closed their car door when they invited me to stay at their home.  Shower, laundry, comfy bed, and a Mexican restaurant meal.  They are so kind generous.  Jim and Jill are avid cyclists and hikers.  They are like trail angels for the cycling community.  They belong to a community called Warm Showers.   They host traveling cyclists, offering a place to stay and of course a warm shower.  Occasionally they pick up a wayward thru hiker.  Today is my lucky day.

Their lovely home is solar powered and grey water is returned to the ground in a treed area close to their home. They compost and have a worm farm that makes great soil for their garden.  Jill has her own quilting machine and has created works of art that decorates their home.  Jim is the woodworker.  And when they’re not busy cycling and creating art, they are both physicians.  For lunch we had fresh vegetables from their garden.

In the afternoon I was whisked away.  Paul has driven down for a few days visit!  And he has brought new shoes for me.  It is great to see Paul.  We spent our time together driving to Bend, buying resupplies, checking out the town of Sisters, making five boxes of food for Washington, mailing them, and that’s it.   The time went too quickly.