Day 134,       22.5 miles

Today was kinda’ weird.  I was excited so I hiked fast.  Then I was sad and I hiked slowly. I listened to my music.  Then I was happy and I danced down the trail.  What a goof.  It doesn’t matter out here.  No one judges.  There are no worries.  Joyful.  Carefree.

We have only 19.5 miles  to the monument, then another 8-9 miles to hike in to Manning Park Lodge.  Last one to Canada wins.

Again I am so fortunate with the weather.  Lovely temperature and no rain.  Oh, I saw the fattest marmot.  He must have been old.  He waddled down the trail and onto the rocks below.  He didn’t hide.  It looked like he couldn’t find a hole big enough and it seemed he didn’t care anyway.

Running-Back and I reached the monument at 4pm, August 23rd.  There was no one there.  It was peaceful.  I wasn’t overly emotional.  I just felt content.  I’ve thought about this moment for months.  It is now and I am here.

We hiked on another 2-3 miles and found a few of my Vancouver hiking peeps at a tent site called PCT Camp. Yay! It was Wiki, Shabu, Midnight-snacks, and GQ.  They hiked in to meet us.  They brought food too!  I love my hiking buddies!  We all camped together, my last night outside.  For now.


Me, GQ, Shabu, Midnight-snacks, Wiki, Running-Back

I know you love me.  I know you care.  I can feel it.  I have felt your love every day.  You have been with me every step, every mile.  I have felt your presence and positive energy propelling me forward and keeping me safe along this magical trail.  I am grateful to you.

You are my friends, family, West End Yogis, Wednesday hiking peeps, Thursday night gals, school friends, and the wonderful community that I live and work in.  Thank-you.  I love you.

And you are complete strangers who have helped me along the way and given me advice and encouragement.  I am so grateful to you.  I feel very blessed.

The Pacific Crest Trail cast it’s spell on me a long time ago.  I will always be spellbound by it’s magic.  I hope you feel the magic too.

home with Rachelle and Cody

……gear review.  Stay tuned.