Jeff Creek to Warm Creek

Day 111,    34.5 miles

Warm Springs

My days are long.  At night, in my tent,  I go through my photos.  Was that only today? My photos from the morning seem ages ago.  I don’t recognize myself in these photos.  It looks like my head has been put on someone else’s body.  It seems surreal to look at the miles I am doing.  The amount of calories I am consuming.  I think around 4,000-6,000 a day.  Sometimes this all seems surreal.

I tried to talk to Mudgut this morning.  We were both up early.  He is not a chatty fella. Or maybe he isn’t a morning person.  I didn’t get how he got his name.  Maybe I’ll just make something up.

I was hiking by 6:20.  Seems to be my start time.  The first 3 hours were spectacular. Around Mount Jefferson and through Jefferson Park.  Soooo beautiful.  Over a pass around 9:30am, my first view of Mount Hood.  Here we come!  The rest of the day was fast miles through forest.

Search and Rescue are out.  A 21 year old hiker, Riley, is missing.  I past by his parked car.  My thoughts are with him and his family.

Saw my first owl on the pct.  It swooped across the trail to a tree branch.  Then flew away before I could get a good photo.  I got water from Trooper Spring.  Probably the most questionable water I’ve consumed.

Camped at Warm Creek.  It’s water is cold.  A baby bird sat beside me on the wood bridge while I filtered water.

4 thoughts on “Jeff Creek to Warm Creek

  1. The pace you are walking is about 100 miles in three days. That adds up to 80 days to thru trek the PCT. Didn’t someone write a book about taking 80 days to travel around the world? You are making this PCT story seem so simple, just one step at a time.


  2. SAR never found the lost hiker. Gave up after 7 days. SAR used over 600 personnel , even airplanes and no success. Very sad ending.


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