Easy does it

Day 112,     32.5 miles

last mile, uphill sand climb

Mount Hood National Forest          Richard L Kohnstamm Wilderness

Easiest day ever.  Well, relatively speaking.  I started at 6:30am and ended at 5:30pm, only stopping three times to filter water.  A shorter day than most.  Soft, wide path through the shady, cool forest most of the day.  The trail was clear of debris except the occasional roots and rocks which my feet inevitably stumble over,  trip, or stub a toe on.

The trail edged along Timothy Lake.  A large, jade green lake with many lovely camp sites on its shore.  In the afternoon the trail went up and along several mountain ridges. Lovely peekaboo views of Mount Hood through the trees.  The last mile sucked.  Uphill sand!?  But the reward was Mount Hood up close and personal.

I am stealth camped in the trees above Timberline Lodge.  Timberline Lodge is a historic building turned tourist destination.  It happens to be right on the pct.  There is a buffet breakfast that starts at 7:30 am.  I am going to slay it.

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