Tunnel Falls (and 3 big falls for me) 

Day 114,     28.5 miles

Mount Hood National Forest

I woke up.  I slept in, “It’s ten to seven!”   “Huh?” I heard Sam mumble from below.  Oops, I think I woke him.  I like this relaxed schedule.  I’m not going to rush any more.

Today is my last day in Oregon.  From our lunch break spot we had views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Adams.

Then it was a long descent down Eagle Creek Trail, past many waterfalls including Tunnel Falls.   Then the trail followed the river down into Cascade Locks.

I ended up having three bad wipeouts in spite of telling myself to slow down.  Off a log and down a bank, where I had to climb back up to the trail.  I have a black eye from that one.  Second fall was on a paved road.  And third was on stairs that night, in the dark, at the back entrance to Shreks Swamp.  I’ve noticed I fall more after I hike around 100 miles in 3 days.  It’s probably too much.

Tonight I am camping at Trail Angels’ house, Shrek’s Swamp.  I am safe with my thru hiking friends.  We all went for pizza at Cascade Locks Ale House.  I was feeling great.  I made it all the way through California and now all of Oregon too!   I’d had a shower and had to wear my rain gear to the pub.   My clothes were getting washed.  Cascade Locks Ale House gives PCTers  their first beer on the house.  Their pizza is delicious.  Suzanne and her staff were very kind and helpful to me.  Awesome pub.

Tomorrow we start Washington!  Only 500 miles to go.  Ha!

Tunnel Falls

10 thoughts on “Tunnel Falls (and 3 big falls for me) 

  1. nice to have all the water fall and creeks along the trail. It’s cool to get thru the tunnel falls.
    Yay.. you are in Washington. HOME RUN!!!!


  2. Way to go!!!! One short green state left!!! … And what’s 500 miles to a thru hiker anyway?… It’s a “walk in the park”!!!


  3. Welcome to Washington! You can see your house from there!

    Home stretch Sally…ONLY 500 miles. Ha, is right. Now, I’ll have that song in my head all day. Off for a walk in Cap Canyon as we prep for WCT. You are (as always) and inspiration.

    x t


  4. You are absolutely amazing Sally. I love your wonderful photos and comments, its as tho you take us with you! Only 500 to go. WOW!! Diana C.


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