Pub crawl

Day 115,     15-ish miles

Columbia River Gorge National Forest

We lazed around all day.  Picnic tables and comfy wooden chairs.  The breeze and the backyard trees keeping us cool and shaded.  Ahhh, relaxing at Trail Angel Shrek’s Swamp.  It was way to hot to set out.  Just chillin’ with Lux, Dave, Strange Bird, Microwave, Sugar Mama, Hatch, and a few others.  Sugar Mama has suggested a new trail name for me.  Stumble-ina.  I kinda like it.

After sorting out supplies and my bounce box at the nearby post office, Sam and I headed out at 5 pm.   Lux will be following shortly.  It was still hot.

A few steps along and we’re on the Bridge of Gods.  Now we’re in Washington.  Sam said he felt a bit emotional.  We both feel great.  All of California.  All of Oregon.  Washington adventure is ahead.  I’m excited.  I am going to savor these last few weeks.

Oregon, and into Washington, is known for their microbreweries and craft beers.  On our evening hike we stopped in towns, Stevenson and Carson.  We’re passing by, might as well check out their microbreweries.  I’m trying IPAs and Sam is going for the wheat ales, even a blueberry wheat ale.  Good stuff.  Now this is a fun walk.   We road walked Windy River Road till 11 pm.

We are cowboy camped just off the road in dirt field.  No moon out, it is very dark.  So many stars.  I’ve seen a few shooting stars too.  Another wonderful day and night.

I was chatting too much and didn’t get many photos.

Good night.

Back in the Northwest

2 thoughts on “Pub crawl

  1. Ahhh… IPA’s… Ahhhh… Enough of those and living up to Stumbile..ina would be easy. But what about that black eye… Maybe Black_Eyed_Peas or Please.. As you like it ..with them IPA’s…


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