Day 118,    31.5 miles

Goat Rocks Wilderness

I know, I know.   I said I was going to slow down.   But I have a problem, see?  I have an addiction.  Thru hiking is a drug and I’m addicted.

When I wake in the morning I anticipate for those first heady steps.  The fresh air. Mountains, water, wildlife, solitude, peacefulness.  A certain calmness only achieved through this experience.  As the hours and the miles go by I get a buzz.  I’m gliding. More miles.  I’m floating.  More miles.  To elevate my high I put in my earphones to listen to my playlist.  I’m dancing.  More miles.  The high lasts till I fall asleep, sheltered in my tent, cozy in my sleeping bag.  Common side effects may include extreme hunger and fatigue.

Too many miles causes impairment, staggering, falling, and  injury.  It’s a fine line between a buzz and abuse.

This morning I was in the sun, but I could see grey clouds blowing around me.  It is cold. The mountains ahead look stormy.  Only one mile in and I have a water crossing.  A slippery skinny log over a fast flowing and icy cold river.  I was shaky as I’ve had a few spills into rivers.  I crossed unscathed.

I slowly hiked the rest of the way around Mount Adams.  It disappeared behind me as I head north towards Goat Rocks Wilderness.  At noon I stopped for a break to eat a peanut butter Nutella tortilla bomb.  It started to drizzle so I put my pack cover on.

By 5 pm it really started to pour.  I still had to get up and over Cispus Pass.  Rain, cold, wind.  Bad combo.  Up and over the pass.  I filled up on water at Cispus Waterfall and found a tent site by 7:30.  So cold.  So wet.  I found a dry spot under some trees and quickly put my tent up.  Threw everything inside.  Cooked dinner while sitting inside my tent, inside my down bag.  Must get warm.  Beef Stroganoff and mash potatoes.  Yuck. I’m finally sick of this food.  Bring on the salads, fruit, and yogurt. Soon.  Oh sorry, I’m rambling on.  I tend to do that when I’m high.

10 thoughts on “Buzzed

  1. Love this post, nice analogy. How will you ever go back to the “real world” ? Maybe there is a Recovery group for thru hikers that meets your needs . (Smile). I am sure enjoying your posts And great photos. Take care, and thanks from a fan of your posts “Gramma jayne”



  2. Hi Sally, I totally sympathise with your craving for fresh salad and fruits with yogurt.. not long now! What an awesome journey you are having so impressed. Angie xxx

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  3. I have really been enjoying your journal. The pics are fantastic! They are getting me stoked for my PCT thru hike next year. I thru hiked the AT in 2011. Met some of the most amazing people. We are still friends and hike often. I thought I could just walk (pun intended) away after the AT, but it just gets in your blood. You are really cranking out the miles! I also admire you greatly for going back and finishing the Sierras. Be safe, finish strong, and enjoy your last days on the trail.
    – Moondoggie


    1. Moondoggie, awesome trail name! Thank-you for your encouraging comment. From one thru hiker to another, you truly know what a life changing experience this is. Happy trails


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