Spooky mist

Day 120,      16 miles

W.O. Douglas Wilderness        Wenatchee National Forest

White Pass is a quaint ski resort in Washington’s Cascades.  It’s right on the pct.  There is a store with a gas station and lodging.  A great pit stop for laundry, shower, pick up mailed resupplies, call loved ones, and recharge electronics.

In my resupply is my 2lb Western Mountaineer Versalite 10F sleeping bag.  It is heavier than my Summerlite 30F that weighs less than a lb which I have mailed home.  I will be toasty warm now.

I didn’t leave till 2 pm.  The trail passed ponds and lakes.  I saw my first elk!  Two crossed the boardwalk trail in front of me then ran off.  So big and noisy.

I hiked till 7:30 into the mist.  It is spooky.  I’m camped by Crag Lake outlet.

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