Mount Rainier 

Day 121,     31 miles

Mount Rainier National Forest

When I got up and out of my tent I could see the fog through the trees in the valley below me.   Bright blue sky peeked through the tall trees above.

The trail wound up the hill for a few miles.  Over a pass, around a corner, and there it was, Mount Rainier.  For miles there were views of Rainier to the west.  Past a beautiful lake…..lots of day hikers here.

I stopped for lunch at Sheep Lake.  Then hiked up more switchbacks to where the trail stayed high on a windy ridge.   The thick fog started rolling in.  For hours I couldn’t see anything around.  Cold fog was blowing up and down the steep mountainside.

Tonight I am camped at a spring in the damp, dark forest.  I noticed plenty of elk hoof prints.  I am in my tent.  It’s 9 pm.  I hear big animal hooves stomping through the trees and brush nearby.  It’s going to be a noisy night.

6 thoughts on “Mount Rainier 

  1. Hi Sally,

    The terrain is beginning to look more “pacific north westy.” How are you feeling about your journey coming to an end?

    Home stretch!

    X tara


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