Another great day

Day 124,      20.5 miles

Flyfish and ManInBlack were up and heading out of Snoqualmie early.  I was to meet them in 20 miles at Lemah Creek.  I had to scramble to get organized as my mailed resupply box had not shown up.  I scored from the hiker box for once.  Dinners, bars, chocolate, fuel, and oats.  I just had to buy more snacks to top up.

I didn’t leave till noon.  I thought, no problem, 20 miles is very doable.  Wrong.  It was a tough, rugged, 5,000 foot climb and descent.  The reward was spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges and clear, sparkling, alpine lakes.

I met a day hiker who was hiking at a wicked pace.  I kept up with Julie for the first 8 miles.  She pointed out mountains the were The Enchantment Lake region.  Add that one to the bucket list.

When I got to Lemah Creek at 8 pm, the bridge was washed out.  It was deep and fast flowing.  It was funny to see Flyfish waving from his tent site on the other side.  I looked down the river.  I could see a fallen tree across the creek.  Great.  Bushwhacking, then log crossing, to end a very tiring day.  Phew.  Made it.

2 thoughts on “Another great day

  1. Awesome! You, the trail, your journey. I tried my first solo and didn’t last long. Lol. Hiking was great, but I felt vulnerable and my husband was really nervous and missing me. Maybe I’ll try again someday. Thanks for the inspiration.


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