Mouse country

Day 125,     26 miles

7 am.  I was the last to leave camp.  I wasn’t alone though.  A frog kept me company at the creek while I brushed my teeth.

More long ascents today.  Then down again to the forest with the easy, soft trail.   The afternoon was more gentle switchbacks up.  It was hot.  My legs feel like cement.  Lifting them and moving them forward.  So much effort.  In the morning I have strength and energy.  Between noon and 4 is the hardest time of the day for me.  I stumble and weave quite a bit.  I’m tired.  I haven’t had a zero since Sisters.  My energy picks up again in the evening as it cools.

We are camped by a beautiful river with trees and mountains surrounding us.  I have always kept my food in my tent.  I have started hanging my food and my pack at night. Northern Washington is mouse country.  They will chew holes in your tent to get to your food.  They’ve even been known to chew off hikers’ hair as they sleep, to use as nesting material.

Here are a few thru hiking sayings I’ve heard along the way:

Hike your own hike
It’s not about the miles, it’s about the smiles
Ten before ten (10 miles in before 10am)
Be bold, start cold

That last one always reminds me of the day when I was sick with a cold and sore throat. I started out in the morning with all my layers on, long johns, wool tshirt, long sleeve shirt, and down jacket.  Gloves, rain gear, and even my wool sleeping shirt wrapped around my neck to sooth my sore throat.  There was ice and snow on the ground that day as I headed out with Sweet Virginia at 6 am.  It was cold!  She was only wearing shorts and a tshirt!  Impressive!  It was funny to see the big difference in our attire for that day.

And my favourite PCT saying is:  Last one to Canada wins

4 thoughts on “Mouse country

  1. Your story and pictures are great. So glad you didn’t give up. Just a walk in the park now. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Any plans for your next adventure? It’s been my experience (sitting here at my computer) reading these blogs that once you complete the PCT – you are hooked for life.


    1. Haha! Yes, I’m hooked for sure. It will have to be adventures on a smaller scale. I don’t think my work would let me go for that length of time again. (Till I retire, sigh). I want to do The Camino, Mount Blanc, cycle tour in France, Spain, BC, ….and..and..


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