Whirlwind visit

Day 127,      14 miles

I was first to leave this morning.  I was looking forward to a visit with Dad and Gail at Steven’s Pass.  It was an easy 4.5 mile hike in.  Up and over, passed the ski lifts, and we were there.   Fly,  Black, and I were ready for a big breakfast.  Dad and Gail were a great help.  They drove us to all the important stops.  The local diner, the post office, and the convenience store.

I’ve never heard of an 8 egg omelette before.  We had the enjoyment of witnessing Man in Black devour one with a huge side of hash browns and 8 pieces of toast.

It was a bit hectic as we sorted out our food on the pavement outside of the post office. Dad and Gail watched as we went through our resupply boxes like kids on Christmas morning.

We saw Sam hitching into Levenworth.   I hope he gets back on trail today and joins us.   Lux was there and he will catch up to us for sure.  We also saw So Far and So Good.  We are a bunch of scruffy, but proud,  hiker trash organizing supplies and gear in front of the local post office.  Good times.

It was too quick a visit and we were back on the trail.  I will see Dad and Gail again soon.

Tonight we are camped at Janus Lake.  Nemo is here too.

Flyfish, me, Man in Black, Nemo

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind visit

  1. Hi Sally… I’ve been quite but still following U 🙂 I was doing Camino Primitivo de Santiago for the last 2 weeks! Keep on going and thx for your wonderful journal


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