Lake Sally Ann

Day 128,      31.5 miles

Glacier Peak Wilderness

I packed up my dew soaked tent and bag and was hiking before 6am.  There was a thick mist on Lake Janus and everything was damp.  It wasn’t long before the wet brush along the trail drenched my shoes and socks too.

My plan was to get to Lake Sally Ann for lunch and to dry out my tent and bag in the warm sun.  I hiked nonstop for 19.5 miles and arrived at Lake Sally Ann at 1:30.   There were lots of uphill climbs and descents of course.  I am in The Cascades after all.  Cheese and crackers for lunch.  Hey, I even went for a swim.

What an incredible hike today.  The views on this stretch are spectacular.   Fly and Black are camped 3.5 miles back at White Pass.  I went a bit further.  Up and over Red Pass. Down and into an open alpine valley to camp by a creek.  Nemo showed up and is camped here too.

Another beautiful day.  I’m having such an amazing time.

2 thoughts on “Lake Sally Ann

  1. Hi sally great pictures of mountain sides and waterfalls and wildlife and skinny dipper,how was the water.What a journey you’ve had!


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