Day 134,       22.5 miles

Today was kinda’ weird.  I was excited so I hiked fast.  Then I was sad and I hiked slowly. I listened to my music.  Then I was happy and I danced down the trail.  What a goof.  It doesn’t matter out here.  No one judges.  There are no worries.  Joyful.  Carefree.

We have only 19.5 miles  to the monument, then another 8-9 miles to hike in to Manning Park Lodge.  Last one to Canada wins.

Again I am so fortunate with the weather.  Lovely temperature and no rain.  Oh, I saw the fattest marmot.  He must have been old.  He waddled down the trail and onto the rocks below.  He didn’t hide.  It looked like he couldn’t find a hole big enough and it seemed he didn’t care anyway.

Running-Back and I reached the monument at 4pm, August 23rd.  There was no one there.  It was peaceful.  I wasn’t overly emotional.  I just felt content.  I’ve thought about this moment for months.  It is now and I am here.

We hiked on another 2-3 miles and found a few of my Vancouver hiking peeps at a tent site called PCT Camp. Yay! It was Wiki, Shabu, Midnight-snacks, and GQ.  They hiked in to meet us.  They brought food too!  I love my hiking buddies!  We all camped together, my last night outside.  For now.


Me, GQ, Shabu, Midnight-snacks, Wiki, Running-Back

I know you love me.  I know you care.  I can feel it.  I have felt your love every day.  You have been with me every step, every mile.  I have felt your presence and positive energy propelling me forward and keeping me safe along this magical trail.  I am grateful to you.

You are my friends, family, West End Yogis, Wednesday hiking peeps, Thursday night gals, school friends, and the wonderful community that I live and work in.  Thank-you.  I love you.

And you are complete strangers who have helped me along the way and given me advice and encouragement.  I am so grateful to you.  I feel very blessed.

The Pacific Crest Trail cast it’s spell on me a long time ago.  I will always be spellbound by it’s magic.  I hope you feel the magic too.

home with Rachelle and Cody

……gear review.  Stay tuned.

41 thoughts on “Canada!

  1. Dear Moonshadow,

    Congratulations on making it all the way to Canada. I read each of your blogs and greatly enjoyed them. Thank you for posting.



  2. Congratulations. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog and followed you most of the way and will certainly miss reading about your travels. Jill Spear (a friend of Frances)


  3. I can just see it…. Dancing down the trail to the finish… With this on your head… And what a finish it would be ….


  4. I am one of those complete strangers (referred by your Aussie buddy Shepherd) following you all the way and enjoying every day of your adventure. My daughter, Swipe, and her husband, Tradja, hiked the PCT five years ago, so it was like old times for me, especially since I had followed Shepherd last year and Toots Magoots the year before that. Thanks for all the smiles.


  5. Sally – I am one of the complete strangers that read every word you wrote of your journey. I loved your blog, looked forward to the daily messages that one was waiting to be read. Your stories and photos were fantastic. Congratulations, and I look forward to whatever else you post!


    1. Thank-you Deb! I enjoyed writing it and I’m thrilled that you loved it! I will have to go on another adventure so we can continue our blog relationship! But for now I need to rest and make money again. Boo.


  6. Thank you for sharing your adventure. The inspiration I found from your writing is to keep the goal in focus, manage expectations , adjust when necessary, and be in wonderment and gratitude.


  7. Sally, I followed your blog daily and it made me feel I was out there walking with you…but I know I could never keep up your pace. Amazing writing and equally amazing pictures.


  8. Glad you made it home safely. I loved reading your blog and lived vicariously through your trail reports. You could publish this as a book! I have been listening to a great audio book called AWOL On the Appalachian Trail, and your blog is just as interesting. I have very bad feet so I can only hike for a couple of miles, but have so much admiration for you doing this. Your kids are so good looking!
    Happy Trails, wherever life takes you now!
    Lynne Good


  9. I have also followed your journey.So much emotion along the trail. I love the way you laid it all out there. You seemed like such a timid hiker in the beginning, like it was a bit unnerving being out there alone (I think it would be) at first, but by the end of your trail, you seem to have really gained so much confidence. Thank you for taking us along on your journey.


  10. Thank you for a great blog. I followed you from day 1, and chec ked out the great plctures even the yellow legfrog.
    Waiting for you to write your book on the adventure. Followed you on venture’s site. Good luck on your future endevers.



  11. Congratulations cousin Sally ( moonshadow ) l have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and stunning photos. Would you walk that trail again? Hope you have plenty rest.

    Angus xx


  12. Are you still planning on doing a gear review. It would be quite interesting for those of us planning a PCT thru hike. I know you must have a lot to catch up on at home but if you are doing a gear review, I’ll keep checking.


  13. Thanks for the great blog…the photos were amazing as was your story. It was an incredible, inspirational journey and I really admire what you did. Congrats!!!


  14. Hi Sally, it was nice to meet you today. Thank you for sharing your blog and adventures with me. Very interesting and inspiring blog and great pictures. I have shared with my son and his girlfriend who I know would love to do this hike one day. Hope to see you again.


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