A Four Day Jolly 

Day 132,      24 miles

A four day jolly.  That’s what Running-Back is calling our last stretch here on the pct.
A relaxing breakfast, pack up, and start by 7:30.  I met fellow blogger, Monique, heading southbound.  We had a good ol’ chinwag about the stories and characters of the pct.

First 15 miles were through the warm forest.  Then we popped out of the woods and were slapped with epic.   Wow!  Stunning mountains surrounded us.  The dark clouds moving in made the scene more dramatic.  The sky is grey and a cold wind is picking up.   We may be in for a storm.

Running-Back and I are camped in Methow Meadow.  Stunning scenery everywhere you look.  There is a volunteer work camp here.   They had extra dinner and treated us to beans,  rice,  cheese and avocado wrapped in tortillas.  So good.  My mouth was watering like crazy.  Lux has arrived and is camping with us.  It is very cold so we have all retreated to the shelter of our tents.

can you see the bridge and the 2 hikers? top right of photo

can you spot Running-Back way below on the switchbacks?