A smokey start

Day 1     10.5 miles

Yosemite National Park, California

Of course we had to have a burger first.  Tuolumne meadows store, cafe, and picnic area is the perfect spot to have our last fast food meal before we hit the trail.

At 2pm we were finally on our way.  Almost immediately Paul stopped to watch two baby marmots.  So cute.  Several miles later two spotted fawns.  Also very cute.  Also plenty of deer that seem totally unafraid of us.

The scenery here is amazing.  Too bad we can’t see much.  The whole Yosemite valley is hazy with smoke.  There are several wild fires in the area.

The trail follows a meandering brook with many inviting swimming holes.   I want to try and swim in a lake or river every day, but this afternoon we have to get some miles in before we set up camp.

We are camped at Lyell Forks river.  There are so many people camping here and all along the trail.  

Tomorrow is going to be amazing! Good night!

Spot the marmot?