Reds Meadow

Day 3      14.5 miles

Inyo National Forest
Sierra National Forest

Rosalie Lake

I know we’ve only been hiking two days, but hiker hunger has kicked in.  It’s only 8.5 miles to Reds Meadow and I know the cafe serves breakfast till 11am.  Last night I took extra strength Advil and more this morning.  I put all the heavy equipment in Paul’s pack.  Food, fuel, tent.  I have the light items, sleeping bags.  We cruise down the trail.

There’s nothing better than a light pack and a gentle downhill to boost one’s confidence. Paul can’t keep up this morning.  He must be tired.

In Reds Meadow we ate a big, eggs bacon and toast breakfast (of course),  showered, did laundry, and chatted with other hikers.  Then we pilfered the hiker box.  Hiker boxes are located in most resupply stopovers on the PCT and JMT.  Hikers donate food items they don’t want from their premailed supplies and take items they need.

The John Muir Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail are one now.  We will continue south and hopefully make it all the way to Mount Whitney in 12-14 days.  My hips aren’t hurting as badly as they were yesterday and my one blister is already callusing.   One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.  Right Adrienne?

A quick cheeseburger and we’re back on the trail at 4:30pm.  Up, up, up a gradual climb.  Through an exposed burn.   Back into the forest and now camped at Deer Creek.  Soooooo many other hikers.  We are going to find a quieter tent site tomorrow evening.

Deer Creek site

4 thoughts on “Reds Meadow

  1. Photos are beautiful. Whats the story with the trees being cut off in one of the pics? Is that the result of forest fire.


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