Just a little bit farther

Day 4       17 milesFirst half of the day was a gradual climb.   We pass Purple Lake and after 9 miles we stop for lunch at Virginia lake.  It was hot and sunny when we arrived so we went for a swim.  Very refreshing.Quite suddenly the sky turned grey,  the wind picked up, and it became cold. Virginia Lake is at 10,376 feet.  At this elevation mountain weather can be unpredictable.  We packed up quickly and headed down the switchbacks.

By 2:30 we had a choice to make camp or keep heading up the next pass.  The sky was grey and a few raindrops were threatening.  We carried on.  Up and over Silver Pass and through packed snow,  we made it!  Although it looked stormy while we were hiking over the Pass, the sky is blue here on Silver Lake.   Perfect timing to stop and camp.  After 3 days of many other hikers on the trail and packed tent sites, tonight there is no one around.  We have an amazing spot to ourselves.  Mountains surround us and we have a view of the pristine lake and meadows below.   We carried a few cans of beer (from Reds Meadow) that are chilling in the stream as we cook up dinner.

We are so glad we carried on just a little bit farther.

Chief Lake near top of Silver Pass


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