A beautiful evening and tent site

Day 5    19 miles

Today’s hike went through groves of Aspen and stands of giant Ponderosa pine trees.    At every river crossing,  Paul and I charge through the rushing water with our socks and runners still on.   Other hikers stare as they are taking their boots off or drying their feet before putting socks and boots back on.

It was a pleasant hike today.  The sky has been mostly overcast, thankfully.  We did not expect it to be so hot as it has been in the last few days.

We meet other hikers every day.   It’s always great to stop and have a chat.  One of the first questions they ask is, “Where are you camping tonight?”  Paul and I look at each other questioningly.   We don’t ever seem to have a plan.  We just hike until we have had enough, usually around 6ish, then check where the next water source may be.  Sometimes we end up having to hike several miles more, in order to get to a spot where there is space to put up our tent.  Usually it works out well for us.

Today we made it to Lake Marie, the last plateau before Selden Pass.  We set up our tent, on waterfront property, for the night.  Such a great spot.  A rock ledge slopes easily to the lovely, clear lake.  We have a very refreshing swim before our shared dinner of 5 portions of Mountain House.  Hiker hunger.

Tomorrow morning we will be going up and over Selden Pass.  It was another great day. Good night.

Looking back at Lake Marie

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