Sunrise on Glen Pass

Day 10     22.5 (grueling) milesPaul woke me at 4am.  “Ok, it’s time to get going.”   We were packed up and hiking before 4:30.    Headlights on, we headed past beautiful Rae lakes sparkling in the moonlight.   By the time we reached the last steep pitch, the dawn light was enough to turn off our headlights. It was scary to see how steep Glen Pass is even without snow.  As I look up the sheer cliff and over hanging rock, I shudder.  Last year I had a terrifying experience coming over this Pass.   It was during a snow storm. The trail was gone.  Instead there was a wall of ice dropping off to an abyss.  How could we have possibly come down this?  If we had slipped, it’s a long fall to the rocks and deep lakes way below.   It brought to my mind my hiking family, Tugboat and Happy.  I was lucky to have their company and friendship for several months while hiking the PCT.  Our friend Venture was with us that day and helped us on that memorable descent.  It was very scary.   But today is different.  So peaceful.  So beautiful.  What a gorgeous morning.  It was a tough slog up and we reach the top of Glen Pass (11,948ft) at 7am.  Soooooo cold.  My face and fingers are numb.  We want to keep moving, so a quick photo then down we go.  The sun finally peeks over the mountains and we find a warm sunny spot to sit and make ourselves some coffee and snacks.    And then up another Pass. Kearseage Pass at 11,600 feet.   Ugh, I’m tired.  Then down, down, down, 5 miles to Onion Valley at 9,185 feet elevation.   Then it’s a hitch to food,  town food.  And shower.  

3 thoughts on “Sunrise on Glen Pass

  1. Hi Sally, AMAZING pictures of where you were last year with Happy and Tugboat. I’m very glad I didn’t know how dangerous it was, when Happy messaged me during that storm. Safe travels, you are an inspiration.



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