Getting easier

Day 11      14 miles

Feeling stronger.  Today felt so easy. 

Shower, laundry, and a great sleep at valley elevation. We feel revived.  We were taken very good care of by Strider and her staff at the Mount Williamson Base Camp Motel.  Paul says he feels like he’s been put through a car wash.   Awesome breakfast of eggs, toast, homemade jam, fresh cantaloupe and the yummiest homemade sticky bun cake.   Plenty of coffee too.  Best breakfast! 

Yesterday seemed to take forever to hike down the 5 miles of never-ending switchbacks to get to the parking lot and road to town.  But today as we headed back up Kearsarge Pass I felt great.  Before I knew it we were on top of the Pass.  Easy! What a fantastic sunny day.  

For the rest of the day we took our time.    Stopping and chatting and having some good laughs with other hikers.  

There are bear warning signs up on all the trail posts in the last 2 days.  “Active bears in area” Warning everyone to keep their food in bear canisters.  There are many tent sites in the last 10 miles that have bearproof food storage boxes.  We stopped for lunch today, near Bullfrog Lake outlet.  Some hikers there told us they just shooed away a mother and her cub.  

We are camped at 11,250 feet, just 2 miles before Forester Pass.  Forester Pass is at 13,200 feet.  It is the highest point on the 2659 mile Pacific Crest Trail.  

We are excited about tomorrow.  It’s going to be another awesome day. 

Spot our tent?
Memorable campfire from PCT last year

2 thoughts on “Getting easier

  1. What amazing pictures, thank you for sharing them with us. I told Happy about your adventures; he is Jealous. Looks like you are having fantastic weather.


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