Juan de Fuca Trail

Day 2 – 20km Sombrio Beach to Botanical Beach

I woke feeling great.

This morning’s hike started along the beach. I hadn’t gone very far when I was lucky to spot a mother bear and her two cubs foraging along the rocky shoreline. I watched for a bit before I passed giving them plenty of space.

At the west end of Sombrio Beach there were lots of tents in the sand and surfers in the ocean.

Then the trail went back up into the dark forest. I love it. The sun is hot today and I like the shade.

I hopscotched with another hiker Richie from Ireland. He is completing the trail in two days also. We both slow down in the afternoon. It’s hot and the scenery is too beautiful to fly by and miss. I stop and enjoy the ocean views. The sea is sparkling in the bright sun.

I finish the trail at Botanical Beach then carry on road walking to the West Coast Trail trailhead where I’m camped at Pacheedaht campground.

Tomorrow morning I will start the West Coast Trail.

12 thoughts on “Juan de Fuca Trail

    1. Hi Barb. If you go online and google Sally Mastin PCT 2016, Moonshadow/trailwhispering should come up. You can open my blog from there. The photos are coming up when I do that. Let me know if that works. Thank-you for your interest!


  1. Great to get sights of this trail. This I worked on several times with Outdoor Club , back, way back, when trail was kept open and passable by a few of us, before the Gov. in it’s wisdom took over. Remembering the bushes being cut, ferns, too.I took my trusty sickle . So good on the light stuff instead of loppers–heavy. We pitched the tents up on the roadside.
    Never the luck of seeing a bear.


  2. Y a y Sally. On the road again. That should be your theme song. Lol So good to hear from you. We wish you good weather and of course ….success. Lots of love and hugs. Cookie and Max.


  3. Such a delight to have you back Sally. Your blogs and lovely photos bring me such joy.
    Good luck on the West Coast Trail.
    Fondly, Valerie


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