Cribs Beach to Darling River

28 km

What a great day.  This is what makes this trail world famous.  Lovely long stretches of beach trail. New, safe boardwalks.  And the whales, plenty of whales!  When there was a vista from the high forest trail out to the sparkling sea I would stop and enjoy.  I would spot a whale almost every time.  I would say, “Hello whale, I’m so happy to see you!”  It renewed my hope for the species and for ocean life.  Maybe a false hope.  It was amazing to see and a positive experience.  So special.

I seem to have caught up to a bubble of hikers.  Such a fun day it’s been, making new friends.  Nitnat narrows crab shack is a must-do while hiking the WCT.  There is a large water inlet that can only be crossed by boat.  On the south side there is a floating crab shack.  Fresh halibut, salmon, and crab meals are caught right there and prepared by the First Nations people that own this land.

And there is beer.

And lots of happy hikers.

Good times!

Ok, back to the trail.  Most of my new trail friends were planning to get to Tsusiat Falls.  I kept going to Darling River.  The trail is faster and easier now.  New boardwalks and well maintained ladders.  Lots and lots of ladders!

Darling River is aptly named.  Another beautiful spot here on Vancouver Island’s West Coast.

Only 14 kms for tomorrow’s hike to reach the Pachena trailhead, near Bamfield.  It is recommended to complete this grueling and rewarding thru hike in 8 days.  But I went at my comfort pace which ended up as 4 days, 3 nights.  Short but sweet.

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