Not so easy after all

Day 12     19 miles

Well, today didn’t end easy.  It was a very eventful hike.  Here’s how it started….

Slept in.  Didn’t start hiking till 9:30, latest start yet.  So cold even though it’s sunny.  Did not warm up all day. 

Once we got moving it was just 3.5 miles to the top of Forester Pass.   The uphill climb felt good. The trail traversed up a very steep cliff.  I love Forester Pass and was feeling strong.  The switchbacks tighten as we reach the narrow Pass.  The south side descent is especially narrow.  The trail seems to sit precariously on a cliff as it zigzags downward.   Looking back at the Pass it is difficult to believe there really is a way to reach it.    If you are the least bit scared of heights this is not for you.  

See the hiker up there?

Black storm clouds ahead. So cold all day.  We are missing our hot tub. 

Saw lots of marmots.  A mule train heading north.  A few miles later we found 2 horses just roaming around on their own.   Very exciting, as we hiked along an open grassy plateau, we spotted four mountain bluebirds!    

We stopped briefly for lunch as the dark clouds were upon us.  Hikers were already in their tents to shelter themselves from the  rain and distant thunder and lightning. We carried on, it wasn’t too bad as the rain eased in the afternoon.   It  started up again in the evening as we neared Guitar Lake.  Then came the downpour!  The thunder and lightning were right above us.  We pulled off our packs and quickly set up the tent in the storm.   As soon as the tent was up we tossed our gear into it, then ourselves.  Wind, hail, lightning and thunder around us.  What kind of night are we in for?