Three Finger Jack

Day 110,    29.5 miles

Willamette National Forest

Paul dropped me back at Santiam Pass, Hwy 20, where I left off yesterday.  We saw Sprout and Kibbles waiting for a hitch into Sisters.  It was so great to see them again.  I have known them since the desert months ago.

I headed back to the trail as Paul headed on to Vancouver.  I am on the home stretch now, so I’ll see him and my family and friends soon.

It’s Saturday, so there are plenty of day hikers out.  I can just imagine them getting ready to leave in the morning, “Do we have the bird seed and nuts for the squirrels?  And don’t forget the treats for the feral thru hikers.”  Like I said before, I love day hikers.

Only 6 miles into today’s hike I passed the 2000 mile mark!  Yay!

The trail got closer and closer to Three Finger Jack until it skirted right below and around it.

More burns and blowdowns.  But hurray, second mosquito free day!  Resting by Rockpile Lake was BBQ and Pinecone from Europe.  I have met them before.

All day long I got closer to Mount Jefferson.  I passed below it this evening.  The lake beside the peak is called Shale Lake.  So pretty.

Camped at Jeff Creek.  I have a tiny tent spot amongst fallen trees.  Another thru hiker is here too.  He disappeared quickly into his tent.  Mudgut.  In the morning I’ll have to ask him how he got his name.

I hiked 100s of miles with these shoes in this condition. I am a thru hiker.