Day 50

So.  We are going back on the trail….. Right?

Venture was getting antsy.  He wanted to get back on the trail by 10 am, so his brother Dan drove him to the trail head.   Happy, Tugboat, Sweet Virginia and I would try and hitch there in the afternoon.

I was working on the blog and waiting to go.   Around noon, Tug and Sweet came bouncing up to me grinning and giddy.   While they were in the laundromat they met two ladies, Debbie and Amy, who have invited us to their cabin on Lake Almador.  They want to hear about our journey and feed us dinner!

The lake looked inviting.  The Californians told me it was cold.  I took my shoes off to test the water.  Perfect.  Down to my undies and sports bra I was in.  Soooooo nice.  After weeks of carrying 20-30+ pounds on my back, I felt buoyant.  It felt so good on my joints and muscles to be swimming in the cool lake.  Loved it.

Dinner was amazing.  Amy’s husband, Dean, was hilarious and entertained the kids till late.  I slept on a couch, on the deck of one of the cabins.  I slept hard.  Sooooo good.

Thank-you Debbie and Brad

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