Side trip

Day 4, 17 miles (felt like 20)

Waking up to sunshine

Back on the trail at 8:15am.   Hiked for 8 miles to the next water source. A spigot, a pipe coming out of the dry earth.  Water must be treated, so we use our Sawyer filter.  We chat with other hikers who tell us that the Warner Springs store,  my next place to buy food resupplies,  is closed indefinitely.  Information travels on the trail grapevine.   Paul calls the Warner Springs post office to confirm this news.  We hiked another 9 miles and hitched into the town of Julian.

My hips are sore and aching.

I have sun burned legs.

Good news, no blisters!


 Brave Korean man who picked up 3 stinky hikers and wanted a photo with us.   German hiker, Frank,  and Paul.

The 1st car to drive by gave us a ride. He was excited to meet us and was kind to drive us 12 miles out of his way. He told us his Starbucks name is Elliot.

12 thoughts on “Side trip

    1. Haha Deb! I took a long hot shower while in the town of Julian. I got out and dried off with a towel then decided it wasn’t good enough so got back in the shower and did it again.


  1. Yay at last u have sunshine when wake up and meeting nice people. Good job with all the photos. It’s we’d today, missing u both.


  2. Hi Sally,

    There you are, making it happen. You’re doing so well! I am delighted to be following your progress. We had a meeting tonight for our WCT trip with the girls and I told them all some of your expert tips. They keep wanting to bring wine and lip gloss…

    Whatever happens, you can handle it.

    Peace and strength,

    xx Tara


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