Day 9, 0 miles in Idyllwild

A zero is a day when you don’t hike.  You do chores; laundry, shower, eat, shower, nap, shower.

Idyllwild was totally booked up last night when I staggered into town around 6:30.  I couldn’t think straight.  I was beat up and my left baby toe was, ah, let’s just say gross.

A very kind waitress, Bella, phoned around town and found a safe haven for me.  I’m staying in a Buddhist community home, loving the chill vib.  I don’t want to leave.


Back to the trail in the morning!  Let’s go hiking!

10 thoughts on “Zero

  1. You are an inspiration, Sally! I am going to follow your blog and your journey with great appreciation of your strength and courage. Your photos are fabulous.


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