Lake Susan Jane

Day 126,      20 miles

Another delicious day on the PCT.  Blue skies, gentle breeze, alpine flowers in bloom, lots of little birds, and berries that turn my tongue blue.

Flyfish has had one wish.  To take a Nero (day with 10 miles or less), on trail.  So instead of hiking 24 miles and getting into the next town, we hiked only 20 miles and spent the afternoon at Lake Susan Jane on the trail.  In our world a 20 mile day is taking it easy. We have a fantastic campsite.  I thought there would be other hikers here since we are only a few miles to a Hwy, but we have it to ourselves.

As soon as I got my tent up and was settled, I went in for a swim.  It was warm and felt great.  My clothes and I are rinsed sufficiently, I don’t need to have a shower and do laundry tomorrow!  I feel clean enough (my personal cleanliness standards have been lowered dramatically in the last few months).  This Nero on a mountain lake was a great idea.  I don’t sleep well in towns anyway, I sleep better on trail in my cozy tent.

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