Pinchot Pass 

Day 9     20 miles

When I unzipped the tent this morning the moisture on the outside of the tent had frozen.  Yup, it’s cold.

Mmmmmm, hot Ramen noodles and coffee for breakfast.  So tasty!  Later for lunch we eat lots.   Tuna and mayo wrapped in tortillas, then peanut butter and Nutella wraps.  Washed down wth a hot cuppa’ tea.  We have decided to eat lots of our food as we have a new plan. We are going to hike out at Kearsarge Pass and resupply in the town of Independence.  I’m sooooo excited to eat pizza and have a hot shower! It’s only a day and a half away.

A Forest Service group are working on the rock steps to Pinchot Pass.   Way below the Pass on the south side, there has been a huge rock slide.   More fit young workers here.

Lots of critters out today too – marmots, squirrels, chipmunks, lizards and pikas.   We haven’t seen any snakes, frogs, foxes, bears or….cougars, ya, that would be cool..   They are around, just shy.

Tonight we are camped a few miles below our next Pass, Glen.  We are enjoying a beautiful pink sunset on lower Rae Lake.

Early start tomorrow.  We want to be on Glen Pass to watch the sun rise.

6 thoughts on “Pinchot Pass 

  1. Sally I love the picture of you and Paul – I can see what is behind you – but also what’s in front of you reflected in Paul’s sun-glasses.


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