Knifes Edge

Day 119,      22 miles

Goat Rocks Wilderness          Gifford Pinchot National Forest

I packed up my wet tent and headed out into the morning mist and rain.  Even though my stove and fuel mean I’m carrying more weight now, it’s worth it.  Hot coffee and hot oatmeal hit the spot on this cold morning.

It was wet and windy as I hiked up towards Old Snowy, The Needle, and Knifes Edge.   It’s been great fun today and yesterday, as I pass familiar land marks.  Last year at this time I did my first week long solo trip through this area.  I pass springs and tent sites I camped at.  It was clear and sunny then, so I’ve already seen what great views there are here.  I don’t feel ripped off not being able to see more than 25 feet around me today.  I actually like it.  The drop offs and cliffs here are intense.  It’s less scary if I can’t see them!

Volunteers, Mark and Lennard, backcountry horsemen, help remove fallen trees that block the trail.

When I got to White Pass it is very cold.  Just like last August.  Mudgut is here.  He is surprised to see me.  He is much friendly now.  Dang! I forgot to find out how he got his name.

2 thoughts on “Knifes Edge

  1. Hi Sally, After each of your posts I check into Google maps to see where you’ve been. Then I look at where you may be the following day. Yesterday I looked at the terrain and I thought to myself “Wow, that looks like a knife edge!”. Stay safe out there!! B xo


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